Kindergarten, Enrichment and Advanced Learning

Nationally accredited kindergarten classes at Deerfield North Shore Montessori schools
Curriculum and Hands-On Learning
Our classroom time is loosely structured by a routine each day, including line time (group music & movement), free work time, outdoor recreation, and snack time. However, during free work times the children can choose which materials they work on any given day. For example, one child may like to work with math materials while another may want to do an art project or geography puzzle. Children learn independence and the ability to think and do for themselves. Additionally, the teacher gives individual and group lessons to the children when they need a "key concept" to further their discoveries.
Advanced classes and enrichment classes including piano, math, science, art, Spanish and more
Fully Accredited
Of the hundreds of Montessori schools in Illinois, all of our campuses are among only a handful that are nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society, at the highest level of excellence! All Montessori Schools are not the same: come see why we are one of the top schools in Illinois.
students move at their own pace in a Montessori classroom
Our Learning Environment

Visit our classrooms at any time of the day and you're going to see smiling, happy children: our curriculum gives each student the freedom and flexibility to grow at their speed, make friends, and experience the wonders of the world around them! Our Montessori kindergarten classrooms offer a rich array of specially designed, self-correcting manipulative materials and resources to meet the wide range of interests and abilities of kindergartners at all stages of learning.

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Advanced Learning

Because we encourage students to learn at their own natural pace, kindergartners will be able to naturally progress to the next lesson and stage of learning, encouraging them to pursue and challenge themselves as they learn. Our students are not limited by a specific curriculum plan -- we will never tell a student to "slow down" or stay on a certain subject because they have reached the end of the curriculum plan. Additionally, we also offer advanced enrichment classes including math, science, Spanish, piano, art and more!

Hands-on learning and self-paced activities help children learn most effectively
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We are currently accepting applications for enrollment and would love to show you our school and tell you more about how we are different from other Montessori schools. Schedule an appointment to tour our school, with its beautiful welcoming environment, and you'll see why our students and families have chosen Deerfield - North Shore Montessori Schools for generations! Questions? Ready to register? Contact our Admissions Office at (847) 945-8661.