Enrichment Classes: Math, Science, Music, and More!

Advanced classes in math, science, reading, music, piano and more
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Enrichment classes include math, reading, science, outdoor education, physical education, music, geography and more! Our curriculum gives each student the freedom and flexibility to grow at their speed, make friends, enjoy learning and experience the wonders of the world around them.
Honors and advanced classes

Competitive Advantage

There are no limits to the amount your child can learn! Your student can move at his or her own pace, spending more time on curriculum until they master it, then progressing to more difficult skills at their own speed. In math, for example, it is not uncommon for our classroom to have students working on addition, while another student begins to learn division.

More than just a playground, our campuses are scenic, natural settings, custom-tailored for hands-on learning.
Kindergarten Kick-Start:
Enrichment Classes for Kindergartners

If your child is enrolled in half day public kindergarten, give your kindergartner more than a half day: give your child a full day of education with North Shore Montessori's competitive Kindergarten Kick-Start Enrichment Program.

Our schools are all nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society
Fully Accredited
Of the hundreds of Montessori schools in Illinois, all of our campuses are among only a handful that are nationally accredited by the American Montessori Society, at the highest level of excellence! Our instructors are specialized in helping your child maximize their learning, while helping them develop social skills, critical reasoning, self awareness and confidence.
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We are currently accepting applications for our current and upcoming school year. Schedule an appointment to tour our school, with its beautiful welcoming environment, and you'll see why our students and families have chosen Deerfield - North Shore Montessori schools for generations! Questions? Ready to register? Contact our Admissions Office at (847) 945-8661.