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Teacher training December 2006



Plot No. 62/66 Ssebugwawo Rd.  P.O.Box 528 , Entebbe, Uganda, Africa

Mobile:  +256-772-619865

VICTORIA MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING CENTER was established in 2007 to provide a two year Montessori teacher training program in Uganda for guiding children at the 3-6 year old level.  Montessori programs offer a child centered program with a mixed age group (3 year age span) where children can learn experientially, at their own pace, using a hands on approach to learning.  They do the “work” of building themselves to be peaceful, creative, cooperative, independent, life long learners.  The Montessori “children’s house” provides opportunity for freedom of choice and responsibility in a safe and respectful prepared environment.   Plans for training Montessori elementary teachers are also underway.

 "Writing" with the moveable alphabet VMS

Training Director Lawino “Christine” Kijange is certified by the American Montessori Society in New York as a Montessori Directress.

She received her Montessori teacher training from the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center in Evanston, Illinois, USA.  In 2006 she received the Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Award from AMS.  Christine has also been trained as a Ugandan elementary teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree..

language: movable alphabet

For Registration Information and course fees

contact Director Lawino Christine Kijange at vmontessori@yahoo.co.uk

 FOR COURSE FEES:  Contact Director Lawino Christine Kijange
In addition to the two academic phases of three weeks each, an internship phase is required which also includes additional academic work.
Registration Fee (non refundable)                            Shs.  50,000/= or US$ 35.
Complete Application Form and submit with Registration Fee to Director
Additional Requirements:
Three letters of recommendation for working with children
Three current passport size photos (coloured)

REQUIRED READING BOOKS for the Montessori concept include:
The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori
The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori
Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook by Maria Montessori
The Discovery of the child by Maria Montessori
Education & Peace by Maria Montessori
Nurturing the Spirit by Aline Wolf
A Parents Guide to the Montessori Classroom by Aline Wolf
These books, plus other relevant books on Montessori philosophy, are available for check out in the library of the Victoria Montessori Teacher Training Center.

Course Materials:
Pens, (blue, black and red)
Pencils (dozen)
Crayons (1 packet)
Marker (1 packet)
Ruler – 1
Sharpener – 1
Glue – 1 tin or stick glue
A pair of Scissor (big size)
Ream of paper (photo copy)
Plain piece of cloth (white or light colour).
Box files (8)
The school provides full time and part time programs for 2 to 12 year old children.
Tea time and discussion at VMS 3-6 Montessori workshop
Will you join in this worthy endeavor?
For additional information contact:
Tony and Carolyn Kambich-U.S.A.
Telephone: (847) 446-7583

Geography globe and map work at 3-6 workshop VMS